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Rotary engineering Technical services

Technical services overview

Our rotary engineering team is uniquely placed to provide impartial advisory and supervisory services to designers, site managers and maintenance engineers.

Our involvement can range from expert supervision of maintenance work through to full turnkey project management. Our customers benefit from having access to a valuable technical support and back-up support service, where our experienced engineers can also be used as part of your own maintenance and technical support teams.

We will provide you with all you need from answers to frequently asked questions on mechanical operations to interim and project management and training in mechanical maintenance best practice. Our training options include in-house seminars at customers’ own sites and public seminars held at locations worldwide.

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Consultancy, diagnosis and advice

Our work with our customers often starts when a problem is noticed at the plant by the customer. It could be vibration, an unusual noise or simply a small crack or fissure appearing on a surface.

We respond rapidly to meet with the customer and discuss the problems being encountered, then, after an on-site inspection and assessment of the plant, we will determine the root cause and provide a full technical report – offering recommendations on the actions required to resolve the problems.

We will identify and recommend short-, medium- and long-term solutions and offer troubleshooting and services to ensure the equipment stays operational.

Short-term actions enable the rotary kiln or vessel to remain in operation without significant damage. Medium-term actions generally involve essential repairs.

Longer-term solutions are likely to involve recommendations of the repairs required to eliminate original design problems and fully resolve the design issues.

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Surveys and reporting

On other occasions we attend a site to carry out a survey of the plant, which allows us to identify potential problems that may develop if action is not taken.

For some of our customers we carry out regular planned inspections to support their on-site planned maintenance systems, enabling us to make recommendations which increase plant reliability and reduce costs.


Our specialist engineers can design, redesign and re-engineer parts and equipment, including shells, support rollers, girth gears and seals that meet or exceed OEM speciifications.

We are able to produce drawings or engineering calculations and replicate existing parts. When a customer has a machine part that needs replacing but the original drawings do not exist or the OEM is no longer in business, we can use the measurements and dimensions to draw and supply a new replacement part.

Using CAD and 3D simulation software our design engineers can identify inherent design problems and re-engineer the design to eliminate the problem. We can also help with adapting equipment to suit new methods and processes.

All new parts are sourced from our approved suppliers in Europe and constructed in modern materials to meet today’s exacting industrial standards.

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Project management

Whether you need support for shutdown repairs or large installations, we can project manage the repair work on your rotary equipment.

Our team can provide project plans, health and safety assessments, method statements, design assistance and on-site technical assistance to suit your requirements.