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Control of moisture levels in solid materials is a critical process in many industrial applications. For over 90 years our rotary engineering design team has been supplying custom-built industrial rotary dryers and parts into a range of manufacturing sectors including agricultural grains, fertilisers, aggregates, minerals, waste and recycling materials.

The combination of heating and movement of the rotary dryer ensures even and cost-effective drying of materials in a continuous and controllable process. The dimensions of the dryer and the throughput varies depending on the materials and the drying process suitable for the application.

Rotary dryers are supported on ‘tyre and roller’ assemblies and driven by a surface-mounted girth gear and pinion, chain drive or the rollers. The dryer is positioned at a slight slope to assist gravity and the slow rotation of the drum ensures efficient and uniform drying as the material is tumbled down the length of the vessel.

We supply rotary dryers where the heat energy is applied directly or indirectly, with an external heat source, as in the case of a steam-tube dryer.

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