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Air classifiers are invaluable for the selection of a required particle size range to achieve a more consistent material and product performance.

Air classification is a highly versatile technique which can be used to achieve the required particle size distribution to add value across a spectrum of applications, from the simple removal of mineral fines to the production of metal powders and pharmaceuticals to the enrichment of the nutritional value of protein sources. Particles can also be separated on the basis of density, which can be useful for the separation of waste streams in recycling operations.

We offer a range of dynamic air classifiers where powders are fed into the classifier within an air stream. Particles below a particular size (the desired ‘cut-point’) are drawn through a high-speed rotor, whilst particles sized above the cut-point exit through the coarse discharge. This cut-point is accurately controlled by the optimisation of process parameters. The particle size distribution which can be achieved varies according to machine type and size and is dependent on the material being processed.

We offer the following air classifier product ranges:

Aerosplit Classifier

The Aerosplit Classifier is a high-efficiency air-swept, dynamic classifier suitable for the processing dry particulate materials with cut point typically in the range 5 to 150 microns and is capable of handling quantities from a few kilograms per hour up to 10 tonnes per hour.

These forced-vortex units are designed to operate either in closed circuit within a conventional milling system or as an independent, stand-alone system incorporating feeder, exhaust fan and product-collection equipment. The Aerosplit can be installed in existing air systems with a minimum of modification and will accurately separate products over a wide range of particle size and feed variations.

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Aerosplit 100 Classifier

The smallest of the forced-vortex classifiers, the Aerosplit 100 was developed with lab or pilot scale production in mind but finds application in any low volume process environment.

Supplied as a complete integrated system, incorporating a feeder and product-collection system, the unit provides very sharp cuts, typically in the range of 1 to 50 microns. It is typically utilised in chemicals, metal powders, ceramics, polymers and other industries where the cost-effective separation of smaller material volumes into tight particle size distributions is critical to success. The Aerosplit 100 can be supplied with interchangeable components enabling it to be easily converted to an opposed jet mill system complete with integral classifier for the size reduction of a wide variety of materials.

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Multiwheel Classifier

Designed to achieve high throughput at fine cut points, the Multiwheel Classifier’s superior performance comes from the use of high-efficiency classifier wheels which are mounted horizontally in a radial configuration.

Units can be supplied with three, four, or six wheels, with each wheel ranging in diameter from 300 to 500mm. The wheels are run on direct drives, with inverters linked harmonically to ensure they run at identical speeds. This is the key to the machine’s excellent sharpness of cut and high fines yield.

The Multiwheel Classifier is a high-efficiency air-swept, dynamic classifier suitable for processing of dry particulate materials with sharp cut points, typically in the range 1 to 50 micron and capable of handling throughputs up to 10 tonne per hour.

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Twindrive Separator

The Twindrive Separator is suitable for the classification of a wide range of materials and is the most economic unit available in power consumption per tonne of product.

Primarily intended for use in high volume throughput applications, this high-performance air classifier is suitable for the processing of dry particulate materials with sharp cut points, typically in the range of 25 to 300 microns.

This unit is particularly suitable for the removal of small quantities of oversize material or the de-dusting of granular materials to remove undesirable fines. Effective as a self-contained stand-alone machine with its own integral fan and without the need for an additional filter, separator or fan, the Twindrive Separator can be operated in closed circuit with a variety of grinding mills.

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