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Powder processing Quality


We operate within a formal quality management system and are proud to be one of the first businesses accredited to the new ISO9001:2015 standard. Many of our products and management processes are then further accredited for use in specialist applications and are routinely audited for compliance by our customers. We regularly work with customers to integrate our processes into their complex end-user-qualified supply chain quality systems.


Certification and traceability

All of our equipment used for the determination and validation of data is regularly calibrated, serviced and certified to NPL standards. We issue certificates of conformity and/or certificates of analysis with each delivery, as required, and where customers require other analysis to be carried out prior to shipment, such as chemical composition analysis. We have close relationships with external commercial analytical laboratories and can manage the collation and reporting of data.

Retained samples and detailed production documentation are securely stored for up to ten years.


Product integrity

Process definitions are enshrined into works instructions and job files that accompany each batch of material. These contain all the information relevant to a particular material lot number, allowing us to evaluate and subsequently duplicate particular conditions consistently. Regular testing during production enables us to fine-tune settings to compensate for inevitable variation in raw material characteristics and ensures accurate repeatability from batch to batch.

We strive to minimise contamination risk and consequently are able to meet the rigorous standards needed to supply product for end-uses such as medical implants and oral tablets. Strict procedures relating to foreign object debris (FOD) control are in place, compliant with NAS142 to satisfy our aerospace customers.

As an additional measure, our contract processing facility’s premises are covered by an extensive array of CCTV monitors, for the protection of our customers and our employees.