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Powder processing Our services

In the pursuit of ever-more effective production processes, we offer a specialist range of particle milling, air classifying, mixing and blending technologies on a contract powder processing basis to meet your exacting manufacturing standards.


Whether you’re managing coating thickness or coverage, controlling costs or kinetics, sometimes smaller is certainly better.

The question then becomes how small do you need your particles, and how can you achieve consistency from batch to batch?

Our team boast a wealth of experience in milling and micronising powders for a wide range of applications to meet the most demanding of specifications. Whatever your end use, from jet fighter components to hip joints to crop nutrition, trust that we’ll find the right answer.

Air classifying

Processing to achieve smaller particles is only part of the answer in the search for improved performance in application.

To manage sensitive production parameters such as melt rate, packing density, dissolution times or tensile strength – you need full control of the particle size range.

Whilst coarser particles can be sieved, the finest particles can only be controlled using air classification techniques managed by a highly capable and experienced team.

Mixing and blending

When mixing and blending, our aim is not only to achieve uniformity in a single batch but also to achieve exacting consistency, time after time…

…in turn, enabling your business to meet the highest customer expectations.

This degree of uniformity requires the right mixer or blender, functioning to the correct parameters, run by a skilled and experienced operator. With expert knowhow, our team operates a series of mixing and blending units that can help to determine and achieve your optimum blend.